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Color Pencil

Crow 1

Crow painted in Procreate

The Evening Rise

Oil on panel, 8"x10"

Flower Market in Nice France

Oil on panel 4"x4"

Edisto Sunset

oil on panel 8"x10"

Antibbes, France

Pastel on paper. I painted this plein air while traveling in France.

Edisto crane in the marsh

Pastel on paper 9"x12"

Peppers at the Market

Oil on panel, 4"x4"

Blue Heron

Fabric Collage on canvas 8"x10"

Heart Tart Cookie

watercolor on paper 4"x6"

Tart Cookie

Watercolor on paper 4"x6"

Heart Cookie and Lace

Watercolor on paper 4"x6"

Ocean Waves

Oil on panel 6"x6"


watercolor on paper 11"x14"


Watercolor on paper 8"x10"


Soft Pastel on paper 4"x4"

Butterfly Collage

Mixed Media Collage 4"x4"

Unctuous Nature

Mixed Media Collage

Big Mouth

Paper Collage 4"x4"

I love creating art and enjoy different mediums. I tend to work in a series in one medium, then move on to a new medium and new series. If you are interested in a purchase, please email me. To see more of my fine art click on the button below.

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